Zen of brushing your teeth

Experts say….don’t you just love that expression? Anyway, experts say that you should brush your teeth for two minutes to get the full benefit and reach all nooks and crannys. It always seemed long enough until the electric tooth brush that automatically tells you when two minutes are up. It seems like a long time to brush your teeth. So start counting, time, teeth, strokes, whatever. The time spent with the electric tooth brush can now become a Zen moment. Just open the mind, clear it of clutter and enjoy, yes, enjoy brushing your teeth. We can take any activity, no matter how routine or unusual and turn it into a Zen moment. Acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm!

Brush your teeth with Joy!

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It’s FREE!

You’ve probably noticed by now that all of these topics have been talked about and written about by so many others. This information is free. It’s out there for anyone, in books, on the internet. You can pay to go to a Wayne Dyer seminar or Tony Robbins, but you already know this stuff. We hope to remind you of what you already know. We keep re -minding ourselves that we know this. It takes daily practice to put it into action. New habits take time to develop. Some experts say it takes 12 times of repetition to cement it as a habit. Some more, some less. The point is that it takes deliberate practice to form the habit. Change your thoughts, change your reactions, change…. eventually you will say to yourself “I know this stuff!”.

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Change the way you think!

Changing the way you think is a daily practice, even moment to moment. We are so conditioned to react and respond to things a certain way that it has become second nature so to speak. Let’s return to our first nature and begin again. Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it has to be that way. This can feel very uncomfortable, even scary. This is the paradigm shift. Change the way you think. Change the way you respond. Expectations can have a large effect on your mood. So why not let what comes, be and expect the unexpected? The universe will provide if you let it. Be open to the possibilities and re-define your definition of success. As the saying goes, “Money can’t buy you happiness” and you can take that further to success. Money doesn’t necessarily mean success. Think about all the successes you have every day, big and small and count them. Appreciate them. Acknowledge them. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and there are many lessons along the way. Remember that we are students as well as teachers. Be open to the lessons as they come. Apply what you have learned to your daily life.

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Choose Health! Choose Happiness!

Every human being is the author of their own health or disease. So why not choose health? We’ve been so healthy since we had the revelation that we control our health. It sounds simple but really, take control. We rarely have colds or the flu. We choose to be healthy. We recognize when our resistance is low due to stress and/or conflict in our lives. Sometimes you just need to ride it out to clear the negativity or you can choose to not get sick and nip it in the bud.  You can plug in the receptors that say “I want to be sick” or you can say “No I don’t want to be sick”. It’s all up to you. 

Stress kills. All of our illnesses and aches & pains can be traced to stress of some kind.  Being stress free is probably near impossible, but you can eliminate the stress you create yourself. 

De-stress. Dis-ease is caused by stress. Choose happiness. work to eliminate hate and judgment. People who are generally happier overall have good cholesterol and are less likely to get Alzheimer’s. There is medical proof that if you work to be a better person, you will   be healthier, happier, well adjusted, successful, always positive. It is all part of what’s going to happen to you. Once you start to do it you see results. Things work out. Try it….you’ll like it.

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Energy and Positivity

There is no good energy or bad energy. It is just energy. You can use it for good or you can use it for evil. You’ll hear someone refer to bad energy or bad vibes that someone is bringing into their life. It’s up to you how to accept the energy. You do not have to accept someone else’s negativity. Other people do not give you bad or good. You make that up yourself. You have the power. Energy from plants and trees is not negative energy. If you think someone is bringing negative energy into your life, turn it around, make it a positive. If you have a difficult time in any particular situation and find yourself reacting negatively, then remove yourself from the situation. You can come back to it and revisit it when you have the strength to make it a positive. Or it’s just something that you have experienced and it’s a done deal. Lesson learned. Animals don’t have emotion. They just are. They just be.  I loved the video going around with the dog that swims with the dolphin. They’re buddies. They have no preconceived idea or expectation…they just enjoy each other’s company and support. We can learn a lot when we observe animals.

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Relationships: this one is challenging because we are all so unique. We have found that letting go of judgment and the need to be right is very helpful. Carry this over to every day encounters and it is even more powerful in shifting your perception. Marriage, partners, roommates, co-workers…think of all the one on one relationships you have and how you interact. If there is anger and resentment it is due to your own ego wanting to control your thoughts. You can control that by letting go.

When you are driving and you react or overreact to a move somebody else makes. Who does it hurt? You. That person doesn’t even know you are there. Why get yourself all twisted up over something that you cannot control. You can only control how you respond.

Difference between humans and other animals is that constant internal dialogue that we have in our heads.  Turn off the dialogue.

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Try new things!

Stay young by learning new things. Use it or lose it doesn’t just apply to your physical being. Your mind and attitude can stay young and sharp by usage. Try new things, learn new things, read new books, cook new foods. If you stay in the realm you are in then that is all you will ever experience. Step out! Many of our friends are younger than us because we relate with them and they relate to us. Always learning something new and trying something different keeps you on your toes and excited about living!

The world is flat! Some cultures used to believe this until perception changed. Mayans, Egyptians.

Practice, practice, practice. All of these bits of life are a daily practice. Each one of these habits can become second nature if we practice. Try one at a time so as not to become overwhelmed, but do try. Pretty soon you’ll be thinking up new ways for you to live your creative and positive life.

We call it our alternative lifestyle. Live an authentic life and experience each moment. You can define your own life, rather than allowing someone or something else to define it.

As Wayne Dyer says “Be Inspired, be in Spirit!”

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Simplify Your Life!

Simplify your life. You’ve heard this one before right? Well its’ true. We fill our lives with things and activities to distract ourselves from ourselves. Does that make sense? If we must tend to the myriad of things and details in our life then we don’t have to time to focus and reflect. Take time to do nothing. Do we really need all the “stuff” in our lives? Do we really need to fill each moment with some scheduled event? Some of us have had to pare down our lives thanks to the “economic turndown” as the recession has been called. In reality, we believe our whole society and culture needed this shift in order to prepare for the paradigm shift that is coming. This is not an apocalyptic event, but a shift in perception and existence. The Mayans believed that there is a particular point in time that this shift will take place. There is reason and evidence to believe what they predict. Again, this is not end of the world stuff but a shift. And this shift will affect all humankind and the world. Maybe this sounds a little too esoteric for some, but on one person’s life level you can make that shift. It takes all the elements we have been talking about.

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Anger Management

Anger management is a good practice. Anger can make you sick. This doesn’t mean you can never be angry. Repressed anger can cause all kinds of ailments. The Buddhists believe to own your anger then let it go. Make the change from negative to positive. Switch your mode of thinking. Visualize a switch and then turn it to something positive. Your mind and heart will follow. Listen to the message from within. There is always a lesson to be learned. What is it that made you angry and why? You can change your response. Take a breath, stop, listen to your soul. Choose a healthy, positive response.

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Be Creative!

Add something creative to your life. If you already have it, then add something new. This can be music, painting, dancing, writing or designing/building something, inventing something. Whatever comes to your mind is something you can try. Try reducing, re-using, and recycling. This is a trend in the art world that is being used in the message as well as the medium. Creativity leads to new and fun experiences. You’ll see things in a different light. People will see you in a different light when you become a creative person. Original art is good for the soul. There is energy in original art that becomes part of your environment. Whether you are the creator or you have acquired art from someone else, the good energy is there.

Everyone’s an artist.

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