Mirror, mirror….

“Projection always hides a feeling you don’t want to look at. If you examine any negative trait you insist is present in another person, you will find that same trait hiding in yourself. The more you deny this trait, the more strongly you will have to project it.”
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

So true. We have learned through the years that what we see in others that we do not like, is something in ourselves that we need to change. Practice is the key. Recognizing and then implementing that change. When we judge others we are really judging ourselves. Pay attention to that inner voice whether positive or negative and listen to what it is teaching you.
Anyone in our life can be the teacher, even the stranger on the street. They help to heal something in our life as long as we are open and aware and willing.

“When that person offers you a rare glimpse into yourself, smile and silently say, “Thank you.” Take the lesson that is being offered you and see how it applies in your life. Remember, you are also a reflection in their eyes. May they realize that the gentle and loving Spirit they see in you is a but reflection of their own divine nature. The mirror never lies. ” ~ Dennis Merritt Jones

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