What do we mean when we say “protect and preserve”? If we’re talking about keeping something just as it is for always and forever, that might not be the best solution. When it comes to nature such as the forest or the oceans, then being good stewards and stewardship is our choice. The subtle difference is pretty major when you think about it. Saving a tree just for saving sake is not always best for the forest. Humans have interfered to such an extent that it makes it difficult now to determine. But left on her own, mother nature takes care of the natural evolution of things. That’s why a natural disaster may be disastrous to humans in the path of the disaster, but nature is just “doing what comes naturally”.
Being good stewards is our choice over protect and preserve.

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Follow your bliss

Just read a quote from Joseph Campbell the other day and it reminded me to follow my bliss. This is the quote:

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” Joe Campbell

The doors opening is so true. If we remember to be true to ourselves and follow our bliss then things begin to fall together instead of apart. Be open to possibilities, accept the offer, take the leap. It’s all up to you. Try new things. Learn something new. Take a chance.

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learn how to learn

The discussion today is about learning. If we learn how to learn then every day experiences become lessons. It doesn’t always have to be a structured environment or the traditional classroom. We learn from people and happenings. Understanding that every encounter can be a learning experience expands our horizions. When we limit ourselves, we stop learning. My father taught me to learn how to learn. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was one of the best lessons of my life.
Happy springtime celebration however you choose!

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Do we have to be right?

Is it so important to be right or can we just be? When I catch myself observing this in others I realize that I do it too. Is it so important to be right? So what if someone remembers something a little differently or they don’t know the same pieces of trivia that we do. So what? Why the need to be right?
My practice is to let it be. Even if I have this strong desire to correct somebody or something…let it be. I’m not talking about life threatening situations or something that can be harmful. I’m talking about every day occurrences and conversations. it just doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. It is less stressful and calmer when we try not to be right all the time.
Thank you for reading and sharing.

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Poetry – A Natural Quartet

I see the green around me
on the hillsides pines grown tall
The clouds that form above me
like a mural on a wall
The water there beneath me
is so peaceful and sublime
The wind is blowing past me
racing with the time
I hear the quiet harmonies
of nature’s four great wonders
Working diligently together
to overcome man’s blunders

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Out of the box….

What does it mean?
Out of the box thinking involes several characteristics:

Willingness to use new perspectives in day-to-day activity Openness to try new things and to do things differently
Focus on the significance of discovering fresh ideas and acting on them
Strive to create value in innovative ways
Listen to others
Support and respect others when they offer new suggestions

The phrase “think outside the box” is overused in today’s society but the concept is a good one. Try it!

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Mirror, mirror….

“Projection always hides a feeling you don’t want to look at. If you examine any negative trait you insist is present in another person, you will find that same trait hiding in yourself. The more you deny this trait, the more strongly you will have to project it.”
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

So true. We have learned through the years that what we see in others that we do not like, is something in ourselves that we need to change. Practice is the key. Recognizing and then implementing that change. When we judge others we are really judging ourselves. Pay attention to that inner voice whether positive or negative and listen to what it is teaching you.
Anyone in our life can be the teacher, even the stranger on the street. They help to heal something in our life as long as we are open and aware and willing.

“When that person offers you a rare glimpse into yourself, smile and silently say, “Thank you.” Take the lesson that is being offered you and see how it applies in your life. Remember, you are also a reflection in their eyes. May they realize that the gentle and loving Spirit they see in you is a but reflection of their own divine nature. The mirror never lies. ” ~ Dennis Merritt Jones

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Breathe….just breathe

Breathing….it is so important to breathe. We forget to breathe so often times at the most critical point. When it’s essential that you stop and remember to breathe. You already know this because you did it as an infant. Now you forget about it and that’s what causes you to tense up. So remember to breathe and the more critical the moment the more you have to remember to breathe. Breathe and then proceed. Take deep breaths to slow yourself down. So often we get wound up and over excited and forget to breathe. Slowly, deliberately breathe. Feel it, listen to it. Experience each breath coming in and going out.
This is why breathing and deep breathing especially are a big part of yoga practice. Breathing helps you maintain balance and calm.

“Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.”
Andrew Weil, M.D.

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Have you heard the expression “Manage your expectations?”. This doesn’t mean you have to lower your expectations, just don’t expect people to think, act or respond the way you do or the way you want them too. Relax, take a breath and let the experience unfold. Sometimes being impatient causes us to try to hustle things along…put the pressure on….trying to force the outcome. Whereas, if we practice patience and good will, the outcome is exactly as it should be. Remaining open to possibilities and being flexible allows the serendipitous to happen. Always having to adhere to a strict schedule or expecting others to can limit your experience. Go ahead and plan, but be open to plan B if necessary. Often that’s where the fun is!

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I am very grateful

Friends and family….you are dear to our hearts and always in our minds. These past couple of days reminded us of how special the relationship is. Whether it be your blood family or your chosen friends/family, there is a connection that always clicks. Stay honest and true and the support you receive is more than double what you give. We are all spirits having a human experience. Remember that the next time you want to berate someone or react personally to something that really has nothing to do with you personally. Love and compassion  are the buzz words, and they really do work. Try it, practice it every day and you will soon feel the difference it makes in your own attitude and demeanor. Carry an attitude of gratitude for all the abundance you have. Believe me there is always someone with less than you have and guess what? Many of them are happy individuals.

Today I am grateful for my loving and supportive friends that listen, care, contribute and participate in the expereience. I truly am blessed with abundance.

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