Dear Gallery Guest:

Our mission with is to support local and up and coming artists in Southern California by providing them with a prominent space to display their work to the largest amount of viewing public possible and to provide art for all to enjoy. The money from the art sold here goes directly to the artist and back into the to be able to keep the door open.

We are asking for donations to be able to keep the door open so these artists and future artists will be able to present their art to the public in a quality environment where all can enjoy.

The artists will rotate through on a regular basis so we can expose as many artists as we can to the public and the public to the best and the finest artists So Cal has to offer. Please come visit often to view the latest talents being showcased.

To make a donation, contribution or be a gallery sponsor or benefactor, please speak to Warren or Ruth, owners and dedicated art enthusiasts.

Thank you for visiting our website and viewing our artists.


Warren and Ruth Harrell

Owners of